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Pulling Tooth or Risking Root Canal with Post and Crown?

Q: I have an abscess in a back molar. The dentist did an x-ray and it needs a root canal. He sent the x-ray to an endodontist. The dentist called me back and said he showed the x-rays to other dentists. They recommend pulling the tooth because the two roots split. I have lost so many teeth. The endodontist says he can root canal any tooth. However, would the endodontist know once he drills into the tooth whether he can do a root canal and whether a post and crown would hold successfully?

A: Sounds like the tooth or roots are fractured. If they are, the tooth is non-restorable and will need to be extracted.

I would focus on a replacement such as a dental implant if the dentist and endodontist are not certain whether the tooth can be saved.

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