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Would it be beneficial for me to get laser gum surgery? I hate my small teeth and gummy smile.

Q: What else could I do to get a better smile? Veneers or luminescent after laser? A: It might be possible to have cosmetic laser gum surgery to attain a better appearance when you smile. The important thing is to

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I Hate my Gummy Smile. Should I Have Gum Reduction Surgery Before Getting Crowns/Veneers?

Q: Would you suggest gum-reducing surgery, and then crowns/veneers? I have some bonding now that is chipped and discoloring. Is a gum lift/grafting a smart choice before veneers/crowns? A: Usually, the best way to do a case like you are

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Seal Crowned Tooth with Root Canal?

Q: I had a crowned tooth break off. The tooth had a root canal done on it so it doesn’t hurt. Can I get it sealed? A: You should be seen by an experienced laser periodontist to determine if there

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Would you suggest a gum lift? Or another type of surgery?

Q: I don’t like my gummy smile. It’s not major. By that I mean you can’t see my gums when I talk, but you can see them when I smile. Is gum lift the better option? Could you give me

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Looking to Correct Gummy Smile. What Procedure Would You Recommend?

Q: What is the cost and recovery time? Prefer minimally invasive but permanent. Do not want to get into breaking bones. Thanks. A: The options include: Laser Gum Surgery Possible osseous surgery The determining factors are your x rays and

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