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A Discussion on Dental Lasers

Many lasers are available in the dental arena including ND/YAG, Erbium, CO2, and diodes. Each laser has a purpose and “niche” in dental treatment. “Evidence based” studies that have been done and are in progress to save teeth and implants

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Smoking Can Cause Dental Implants To Fail

Smokers with dental implants saw implants fail at higher rate than nonsmokers.

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Placement of Dental Implants Results in Minimal Bone Loss

Five-year follow-up study observed marginal bone remodeling occurs between implant placement and prosthesis placement.

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Implant-Supported Overdentures Are a Successful Solution for Edentulous People

Implant-placed overdentures lock the denture in place, providing people with the peace of mind that their dentures will not slip when they speak or eat in public.

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