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My permanent bridge doesn’t fit. It’s fallen off twice and I need a new one. What can I do?

Q: My permanent, 6-unit bridge does not fit and has come off 2 times. After almost a year of treatment, the doctor doesn’t know what to do. He told me he’ll make a bridge a 3rd time and send it

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Seal Crowned Tooth with Root Canal?

Q: I had a crowned tooth break off. The tooth had a root canal done on it so it doesn’t hurt. Can I get it sealed? A: You should be seen by an experienced laser periodontist to determine if there

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Should I have an implant for upper left molar that has a 6 year old failed root canal, and probably a cracked root?

Q: I read about failures on upper molars and about issues not doing an implant. There is a lower molar (this top molar is the last one on top on the left) under this one. I’m a 64 year old

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With my first three implants, there were no problems, but since my 4th, I am experiencing intermittent pain, but no bleeding. Help!

Is this the 4th implant in the same area? Where is this implant located..mandible or maxilla? Bone grafted? Is this implant restored? Are you a smoker or diabetic? I need much more information to answer your question.

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Pulling Tooth or Risking Root Canal with Post and Crown?

Q: I have an abscess in a back molar. The dentist did an x-ray and it needs a root canal. He sent the x-ray to an endodontist. The dentist called me back and said he showed the x-rays to other

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