Can gum grafting repair an injured papilla?

Q: I’ve already been told I’m a good candidate for gum grafting due to the recession I’m experiencing. However, on a recent trip to the general dentist for a standard filling, he seems to have nicked the gum tissue in between two teeth – the papilla I’ve learn it’s called – and now my tongue continues to go right there to notice the tiny gap. It’s such a minute space yet very uncomfortable and nerve-wracking! If I go forward with gum grafting, which was talking about around the same tooth, can something possibly be done about this as well?

A: Over time, the papilla may grow back on its own, depending on the severity of the injury. If you are having the area grafted, ask the Periodontist if there is anything they can do to repair the damaged papilla. It might be possible, but it’s not always predictable.

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