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How long does it take for swelling to subside after gum grafting & stitches?

Q: I am in the process of having an implant put in. The titanium screw was placed (minus abutment) with bone and gum grafting done at the same time. How long will it be before I can put my suck

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Alternatives to gingival graft for gum recession?

Q: How likely it that my gum recession problem can be solved other than with a free gingival graft from my palate? I do not look forward to having 2 wounds–one on the palate and the other at the grafting

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Can gum grafting repair an injured papilla?

Q: I’ve already been told I’m a good candidate for gum grafting due to the recession I’m experiencing. However, on a recent trip to the general dentist for a standard filling, he seems to have nicked the gum tissue in

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When can I remove gum graft surgical cement?

Q: When can I remove gum graft surgical cement? It feels strongly stuck to my gum and it has been a week now. I can’t remove it by forcing it with my tongue. My teeth and gum feels good, like

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Bad Taste in Mouth Six Weeks after Gum Grafting

Q: I had all my gums grafted 6 weeks ago and just started have a bad taste in my mouth. I had 6 weeks of antibiotics. A: You had all your gums grafted 6 weeks ago? Did you have bone

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