Need regular cleanings because of excessive tarter

Q: I got gum disease from smoking. Pockets are 5mm. I was warned it would happen. I need to get my teeth cleaned three times a year because of excessive tarter. I received one scaling and deep cleaning, but that did not remove the tarter. They said they couldn’t clean my teeth. How can I get this tarter removed if nobody will clean my teeth? I can’t believe my hygienist would leave me with massive amounts of tarter on my bottom teeth. What can I do to get routine cleaning and polishing? Perhaps a college will do it? I’m in the prime of my life. My confidence has gone down. This is wrong. Please help.

A: Can you get to a Periodontist (gum specialist)? Do you live in an area with a dental school? It sounds like you need another opinion for an appropriate treatment plan. Don’t give up hope.

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