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I have gum disease, is there a treatment for this?

Q: I have gum disease, is there a treatment for this? A: Yes. There are options for treating gum disease. Your first step would be a proper diagnosis, which would include a full set of digital x-rays. Then your periodontist

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How can I treat gum disease?

Q: How can I treat gum disease? A: I recommend a consultation with an experienced Periodontist who uses an FDA approved laser & a protocol proven to promote bone regeneration. If you have bone loss, I would suggest avoiding “traditional”

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Is gingivitis contagious?

Q: Is gingivitis contagious? Can I catch it from another person? A: Not every person is contagious, but the percentage for transmission is high. Several documented studies have proven this through microscopic analysis of the bacteria in partners with severe

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I have gum disease. I am afraid one of my teeth is going to fall out.

Q: When I brush it bleeds and feels loose. I don’t know what to do. I’m only 15. This should not be happening. A: I would suggest a consultation with a Laser Trained (LANAP) Periodontist. Is there a family history?

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Which doctors fix gum recession?

You should seek the opinion of a Laser Periodontist. They are the experts in fixing gum recession.

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