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I quit smoking and switched to smokeless tobacco. Will my gums become healthy again?

Q: I have been smoking for about five years now on and off. About four days ago, I started using smokeless tobacco (the cans of tobacco where you take a pinch and put in under your lower lip). If I

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Study Shows Yet Another Reason Why Quitters Are Winners

Smoking may be responsible for more than half of the cases of periodontal disease among adults in this country.

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Smoking Can Harm the Long-Term Effects of Some Oral Surgery Procedures

Study found people who smoke damaged the long-term stability of the procedures.

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Smoking Can Cause Dental Implants To Fail

Smokers with dental implants saw implants fail at higher rate than nonsmokers.

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Smoking and Sleep Top the List of Lifestyle Factors Impacting Oral Health

Study identifies lifestyle factors that have the biggest impact on periodontal health.

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