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Teeth Broken to the Gum Line

Category: Dental Implants

Teeth Broken to the Gum Line

Q: I have quite a few teeth broken down to the gum line and I know they have to come out. I know that they all have to be extracted. After extraction what do I need to do? A: As a Periodontist, we evaluate all teeth to see if they are worth saving.  We evaluate

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Molar Extraction and Implant Placement Recovery

Q: I recently cracked my 1st molar on the bottom and that now needs to be extracted (previous root canal). There is no infection-it was an accident. I’m going to get implants to replace it and the second molar I’m already missing. How traumatic will this be? And how difficult will the recovery be? My

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Could dental implants cause low grade fever and body aches?

Q: Could my dental implants be causing my low grade fever and migratory body aches? They were put in in 2008. One of the crowns recently failed twice, so the oral surgeon replaced it and laser etched my gums. A: Do you have peri-implantitis? Are the implants failing? How do your x-rays look? What is

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