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Laser Instead of Scaling and Root Planing before Crown Lengthening and Osseous Surgery?

Category: Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic Gum Surgery with the Laser?

Q: My daughter has a lot of gum that shows when she smiles. I was told that she can have her gums cut around her teeth. Can this be done with your laser tech? A: Yes, it is possible to perform this cosmetic gum surgery with the laser.   It is also known as “soft tissue crown

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Kissing After Laser Gum Removal?

Q: I’m getting laser gum removal tomorrow and two days after that I want to go out with my boyfriend. Will I be able to French kiss (without pain)? A: I would suggest you speak to your periodontist and see what they recommend. Each case is different.

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Pain after crown lengthening

Q: I had a crown lengthening procedure done seven months ago, but my front teeth still hurt. Is that normal? A: It’s not uncommon to have some root sensitivity. But it has to be determined whether it’s root sensitivity or the nerve of the tooth is aggravated, etc. A number of factors could contribute to

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