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Laser procedure for a gingivectomy

Q: What is the laser procedure for a gingivectomy? A: It is very important to use the correct laser and appropriate settings to prevent damage to the teeth and bone. We teach and use different lasers at Columbia University School

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What is the best way to get rid of a gummy smile?

Q: I have a gummy smile I would like to fix, but I also have really small teeth. So I’m not sure which would be the easiest or cheapest route to make me look better: gum reduction surgery, or something

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When do teeth and gums begin to heal after a gingivectomy?

Q: When do your teeth and gums begin to heal after a gingivectomy/laser gum removal? A: To most effectively treat gum disease, the ND/YAG laser is the treatment of choice.  In our practice and teaching at Columbia University School of

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Soft foods after crown lengthening

Q: I had crown lengthening yesterday about noon time. I was told to eat soft foods and not drink hot things. What are considered soft foods and for how long should I do this? A: Did you have a Periodontist

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How much will my gums shrink with crown lengthening? Will it look bad?

Q: I am considering crown lengthening on two of my front teeth. It would be for esthetic reasons, to even out the gum line with the other side where the gums receded post-bone implant surgery. Even though I think this

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