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What are the procedures for scaling and planing on root periodontics?

Q: What are the procedures for scaling and planing on root periodontics? A: Because of the Laser Protocol available, we have virtually eliminated the scaling and root planing procedure and incorporated it in a FDA cleared laser protocol known as

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Use of dental water irrigator following LANAP

Q: Yesterday, I went for my first periodontal planing and scaling (3 and 1/2 months after LANAP) session. I was shocked to hear from the periodontist that my back right molar still had a deep pocket depth on the buccal

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Need regular cleanings because of excessive tarter

Q: I got gum disease from smoking. Pockets are 5mm. I was warned it would happen. I need to get my teeth cleaned three times a year because of excessive tarter. I received one scaling and deep cleaning, but that

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Question about the necessity of various periodontal treatment options

Q: I am a 72 year old male. I have several gum pockets at 5mm and others 4+. My dentist suggests deep root planing and cleaning. I’m OK with this. I had deep cleaning about 5 and 2 years ago,

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Deep Cleaning before Laser Surgery?

Q: Do I need to have deep cleaning before laser surgery? A: If you are having LANAP, then you don’t have to go through any scaling before the laser surgery. If it is not LANAP, then you should consider getting

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