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Dry Mouth Following LANAP?

The following back and forth took place between Dr. Linden and a woman who was not his patient, but who had posted a question regarding dry mouth following LANAP treatment. Dear Dr. Linden, I am 53 years old and have

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Soft foods after crown lengthening

Q: I had crown lengthening yesterday about noon time. I was told to eat soft foods and not drink hot things. What are considered soft foods and for how long should I do this? A: Did you have a Periodontist

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Bloody tissue after deep cleaning

Q: I just had a deep cleaning procedure done yesterday. Bloody tissue started coming out though my gums, between my teeth. This happened about eight hours after the procedure. It mostly came out through my front left teeth. When I

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Severe periodontal bone loss. Several teeth extracted. Gums swollen before and since extractions.

Q: I am looking at partial or full dentures shortly, and am making decisions about that. I’m missing upper and lower molars on the left side. Before the recent extractions, I was having what seemed to be swelling of the

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Phlegm in Mouth after LANAP

Q: I had LANAP treatment about six months ago.  For the past several months I’ve had phlegm in my mouth which causes me to keep rubbing my teeth and the roof of my mouth until sore.  Could this slime be

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