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Periodontist or regular dentist for dental cleaning?

Q: Is it typical for a periodontist to do dental cleaning or is it normal for a regular dentist to do this? A: Depending on the practice and your situation, either the Periodontist or the regular dentist can do the

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How much time does it take to remove tartar/calculus?

Q: I’ll be going to the dentist in a few weeks after a long hiatus and I’m preparing myself mentally as to what he will say. I’ve been doing my own research on calculus/tartar. I know by now that I

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Can I have a deep cleaning and regenerative surgery at the same time?

Q: Can I have a deep cleaning and regenerative surgery at the same time? A: What specific treatment plan were you given? What case type are you?  Please provide the type of regenerative procedure suggested.  Conventional?  Laser? It is very

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Deep Cleaning before Laser Surgery?

Q: Do I need to have deep cleaning before laser surgery? A: If you are having LANAP, then you don’t have to go through any scaling before the laser surgery. If it is not LANAP, then you should consider getting

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What type of treatment is necessary for gingivitis? Surgery?

Q: What type of treatment is necessary when someone has gingivitis? Is surgery necessary? A: Gingivitis is soft tissue inflammation. This is usually reversible with a thorough professional cleaning and excellent oral hygiene. However, before any gum treatment, including a

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