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How long should I wait after having had two quadrants of osseous surgery done using LANAP before having the other side done?

Q: Yesterday I had two quadrants (osseous surgery) done using the LANAP procedure. How long should I wait before having the other side done? A: In our office, we generally do full mouth LANAP cases in one visit.  A small

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Laser Instead of Scaling and Root Planing before Crown Lengthening and Osseous Surgery?

Q: My dentist wanted me to be evaluated by a periodontist for possible bone loss. I went for an evaluation and he said I had bone loss and recommended osseous surgery 4+ per quad. I have no pain, no bleeding

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LANAP in Lieu of Extraction, Bone Grafting, Root Scaling, & Gum Surgery

Q: I just came back from the dentist and was told I have advanced periodontal disease. The doctor I went to wants me to have one tooth pulled w/bone grafting. She then wants to do root/scale cleaning and then gum

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Just had Osseous Surgery. Need Scale Planing Too?

Q: I just had osseous surgery for gum disease. Do I need to have scale planing too? A: If someone has osseous surgery, they should not need scaling and root planing in the same location.

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How Painful is having Bone Transplanted in Preparation for Dental Implants?

Q: I am missing two teeth lower teeth and am considering replacing a bridge with implants. I have been told that I will need to have bone harvested from the back of my mouth and inserted into my jaw to

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