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How effective is laser dentistry and is it safe?

How effective is laser dentistry and is it safe?

Q: How effective is laser dentistry and is it safe? A: Yes. It is both effective and safe. Lasers come in different wavelengths. Choosing the appropriate laser for your situation is critical. We still use local anesthesia in Laser Periodontics to EFFECTIVELY treat deep pockets, stabilize periodontal disease, & promote bone regeneration. The healing is

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Is gingivitis contagious?

Q: Is gingivitis contagious? Can I catch it from another person? A: Not every person is contagious, but the percentage for transmission is high. Several documented studies have proven this through microscopic analysis of the bacteria in partners with severe soft tissue gum inflammation. The similarity of the bacteria confirms that one partner had transmitted

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Lump on Gums from Injury

Q: I got a lump on my gums from an injury I sustained five days ago. How long will it be before it goes down? How do I make it go down faster? A: What kind of injury did you have? Did you have an x ray taken and an exam by a dentist? It

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