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Could an Ill-fitting Crown be the Source of Severe Jaw/Ear Pain?

Did this cracked tooth have a root canal?  Did the dentist mention if the nerve/pulp of the tooth was close? Did you traumatize the tooth by falling or hitting something against your face?  Does your bite feel normal? Did you

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I have a sore on my gum and it bleeds when I press. What is it?

What you are describing could be anything from an abscess, infection, trauma, or some kind of pathology. You should seek the services of a specialist for an exam and x-rays of the area to make a diagnosis.  

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Do herpes sores bleed when they burst?

Yes, herpes sores can bleed depending on the stage of the vesicles. Herpes is also very contagious, especially at this stage. Please see your Periodontist for an evaluation if these are oral or facial lesions. We can treat the herpes

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What would cause my lip to bleed?

Did you experience trauma to your face? Did you bite your lip? Do you see any color changes in your lip? Do you have a oral habit like chewing tobacco or gum or something else?

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What causes gums to turn white?

Q: What causes your gums to turn white? A: You could have some viral or bacterial lesions in your mouth. A Laser trained Periodontist should exam you and determine what the white areas are. This could also be caused by

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