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What effects does chewing gum have on the face?

Q: What are some effects chewing gum has on the face? A: Generally speaking, chewing gum is good for your muscles of mastication (chewing muscles). Sugarless is obviously preferred. Your muscles get a work out and can actually tighten up

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Is there a best toothbrush for gum disease?

Q: Is there a best toothbrush for gum disease? A: There are soft tooth brushes in the market place that are very good. If you Google “toothbrushes”, you can read the reviews. Just remember soft, and to use one that

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Daily Oral Care – What’s Your Routine?

Morning breath is a great motivator to get us to brush in the morning – bacteria has built up during the night on our teeth, gums, and tongue…and if you are a mouth breather, then the bad breath is worse.

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2002 Top Ten Worst Home Remedies for Bad Breath

AAP members were surveyed on the most ineffective ways their patients have dealt bad breath and the best solutions for this problem.

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Top 10 Worst Excuses for Not Brushing and Flossing in 2002

Start off the New Year by incorporating a daily routine of brushing and flossing.

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