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Dry Mouth Following LANAP?

The following back and forth took place between Dr. Linden and a woman who was not his patient, but who had posted a question regarding dry mouth following LANAP treatment. Dear Dr. Linden, I am 53 years old and have

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Does LANAP require a course of antibiotics?

Q: Does LANAP require a course of antibiotics? A: We use antibiotics for 7-14 days depending on the patient and sequence of treatment per protocol.

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Is it safe to take periostat for gum disease?

Q: Is it safe to take periostat for gum disease? A: We generally do not prescribe any long term antibiotics. Generally, we prefer to use laser treatment to kill off the “bad bacteria” that cause gum disease.

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Least invasive way to treat gum (periodontic) abscess?

Q: What could be the least invasive way a dentist could take care of my gum (periodontic) abscess? I know that antibiotics are not a cure at all. A: We utilize an ND/YAG laser to treat periodontal disease, including abscesses.

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Milky white sores in the mouth.

Q: What are milky white sores inside the mouth? The sores are painful and don’t look like canker sores or aphthous ulcers. They are swollen, larger, and there is a milky white ‘line’ alongside of the tongue. These sores remind

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