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Is It Possible to Get Dry Socket with a Maxillary Extraction Followed Immediately by Allograft Bone Grafting with a Membrane?

Q: Two days ago, I had teeth 10 & 11 extracted. My dentist gave me bone grafts (Allograft) to preserve the ridge for implants. He also placed a membrane, which he said would help prevent dry socket. (I smoke &

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Stem cell treatment for bone loss?

Q: I have heard of stem cell treatment for bone loss. What are your thoughts on this? I would like to look for implant retained denture, but I want a fuller profile as my mouth looks very drawn as it’s

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Failing Implants / Bone Loss, Infection. Gum Flap or Bone Graft?

Q: I have 2 implants in the lower left that are 1.5 years old. Both implants show significant bone loss and one implant is infected (pus/blood/3 weeks). One periodontist wants to do a bone graft, but I’ve read that this

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When performing a simple bone graft, should a dental professional always offer a choice of an auto-graft, or just guide the patient exclusively to sterilized cadaver bone?

Patients who require a bone graft are always given the option of synthetic, auto graft, or freeze dried cadaver bone. In many cases now with the FDA cleared laser protocol, we avoid bone grafting entirely.

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Can You Get Dry Socket with a Bone Graft? How Do You Detect This?

Q: I had a tooth extracted due to abscess, and bone graft. I have had worsening pain since Monday. I’ve only experienced slight relief when the sealant came out of the gum on Thursday (in 2, 1cm sized chunks. Is

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