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Dr. Eric Linden: An Innovator and Teacher of Laser Dentistry

Dr. Eric Linden: An Innovator and Teacher of Laser Dentistry Dr. Eric Linden, a Clinical Professor of Periodontics and Oral Medicine at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center(more) in New York, has become a specialist

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Gum Disease Prevalence Surpasses Diabetes with Nearly 65 Million Affected

  Dr. Eric Linden Urges New York/New Jersey Residents to Take Action against Highly Prevalent, Yet Seriously Overlooked Disease New York, 4/29/2014 – With one in every two adults age 30 and older suffering from periodontal disease (commonly referred to

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A Discussion on Dental Lasers

Many lasers are available in the dental arena including ND/YAG, Erbium, CO2, and diodes. Each laser has a purpose and “niche” in dental treatment. “Evidence based” studies that have been done and are in progress to save teeth and implants

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Daily Oral Care – What’s Your Routine?

Morning breath is a great motivator to get us to brush in the morning – bacteria has built up during the night on our teeth, gums, and tongue…and if you are a mouth breather, then the bad breath is worse.

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Keeping Your Oral Health in Mind During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us! And we all consume more food and drinks at this time of year. Here are a few feasting facts you can use for holiday mealtimes, to help keep your oral and overall health in check

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