Recurrence of Periodontal Disease

Q: At 84 years old and with periodontal disease for the last God knows how long now, spent $4,000 in the eighties to resolve it, but it came back. Now I’m afraid I might have to leave my right arm at the D. M. D. M. S. D. And at this point of my life, when most of my money, it seems, is tied up in China, what should a Vet do?  Wait until my teeth start falling out, and make a necklace?  And not only that, you’re in NJ & I’m in PA. Just my luck. Hesh

A: Dear Hesh: Before you make a necklace, let me try to save some of your teeth. We treat people from all over the world. PA is right next door to us. Don’t give up hope.

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