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Is gum swelling linked to other diseases of the body?

Category: Effects of Gum Disease

Need regular cleanings because of excessive tarter

Q: I got gum disease from smoking. Pockets are 5mm. I was warned it would happen. I need to get my teeth cleaned three times a year because of excessive tarter. I received one scaling and deep cleaning, but that did not remove the tarter. They said they couldn’t clean my teeth. How can I

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Is kissing someone with gum disease dangerous?

Q: What is the treatment for gum disease?  I recently found out that my friend has gum disease. Is kissing her open mouth dangerous as far as the gum disease?  What is the eventual outcome? A: Dental studies prove that the bacteria that cause gum disease are contagious and transferable. Your friend should be evaluated

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Effect of periodontitis on the lungs

Q: What is the effect of periodontitis on the lungs? A: Recent studies have indicated that there might be some connection between lung disease and periodontitis, because both involve some of the same bacteria. Laser treatment can eliminate these potential bacteria from the oral cavity, which have the potential to spread to the lungs and

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