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    About Dr. Eric Linden

    Dr. Eric Linden: An Innovator and Teacher of Laser Dentistry.

    Dr. Eric Linden is a Periodontist with 30 years’ experience in periodontal and implant specialty practice. He is a Clinical Professor of Periodontics and Implantology at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (more). He was the first periodontist to perform Laser Periodontal Surgery (LANAP) in New York City and New Jersey, and is respected by his colleagues as a pioneer in laser periodontics. He also specializes in bone regeneration, dental implants, and biostimulation. When necessary, he employs traditional periodontics. Dr. Linden is often requested to review research, clinical papers, case reports, and manuscripts for publication in the “International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry“, Dentistry Today, and Implant Practice – US.


    Dr. Linden is one of the first periodontists in the world to use four types of lasers. Each of has a specific application in the treatment of periodontal disease and peri-implantitis. Dr. Linden uses whichever is most appropriate for each case:

    • ND/YAG, the kind used in LANAP™ & LAPIP
    • Erbium laser
    • CO2 laser
    • Diode laser

    See full story.

    Thanks, in part, to Dr. Linden’s efforts to popularize the laser and instruct others in its use, more and more dental professionals are acquiring and using the technology. There are nearly 1,800 doctors in the world qualified to use the Nd/YAG (neodymium-doped:yttrium, aluminum, and garnet) laser for the advanced treatment of periodontal disease and peri-implant disease. But Dr. Linden is among only 29 officially certified by the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry to train and teach other dental professionals in its use.


    He has now helped thousands of patients, treating gum disease, performing tooth extractions, implants, and other periodontal procedures with various dental lasers.


    Most periodontists still treat advanced gum disease with traditional surgery… read more..

    American Academy of PeriodontologyLove the Gums You're With
    Academy of Laser Dentistry Member

    Dr. Eric Linden’s Publications & Lectures

    Recent Publications


    Journal of the American Dental Association Logo

    The July issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association has published a letter by Dr. Eric Linden in response to a controversal article regarding laser periodontal therapy. To read the full text of Dr. Linden’s letter, click the image below:


    Dr. Linden's Article Listing


    Recent Lectures

    North Shore Long Island Dentists’ Study Group

    September 30, 2015
    Dr Linden presented a lecture on “Advances in Laser Periodontal and Implant Therapy” to 50 full time practicing dentists.

    Florida Association of Periodontists Meeting

    Orlando, Florida
    August 14, 2015
    Dr. Linden spoke as a guest expert on lasers in periodontal therapy.

    Columbia University International Laser Symposium

    New York City
    December 11, 2014
    Laser Physics, and Laser Periodontal Surgery Using Multiple Wavelength Lasers to Treat Periodontal Disease and Failing Dental Implants
    Dr. Linden lectured to a group of periodontists and dentists from Japan. This lecture was part of the International Tarnow Symposium. Translation from English to Japanese was provided during the lecture. These doctors traveled from Japan to hear Dr. Linden speak on lasers. Dr. Linden was invited to Japan to give follow-up lectures for the Japanese Dental Society.

    Greater New York Dental Meeting

    Javits Convention Center
    Wednesday, December 3, 2014
    Laser Periodontal and Implant Surgery …Choices?
    Dr. Linden discussed the use of dental lasers for the treatment of periodontal disease and peri-implantitis. He described the indications and contraindications of each of the popular dental lasers and their mechanism of action. A brief review of laser physics and absorption concepts was also presented. Clinical cases were shown to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of laser periodontal and implant disease therapy.

    Columbia University College of Dental Medicine – Continuing Education Course

    Wednesday, December 10, 2014
    “Dental Lasers: What wavelengths are right for your practice?”

    The most common dental laser wavelengths were discussed in detail. Original clinical cases were presented to show how laser therapy can be utilized for the treatment of periodontal disease and peri-implantits.

    New York City College of Technology

    Brooklyn NY
    October 28th 2014
    “Lasers in Periodontics and Dental Implants…Where Are We Today?”
    Over 125 attendees, including hygiene students, alumni, and faculty of the NYC Tech Dental Hygiene program.

    Columbia College of Dentistry, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Division of Periodontics and Oral Medicine

    New York City
    May 13, 2013
    “Periodontal Laser Surgery-Overview and Latest Innovations”
    Dr. Linden showed residents and faculty the latest techniques utilized in Periodontal Laser Surgery. Many of these new techniques will be published in the coming year.

    Greater New York Dental Meeting

    Javits Convention Center
    November 25th, 2012, 10am-12 noon
    “Innovations in Laser Periodontal Therapy”
    Dr. Linden’s lecture was well attended by dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, medical professionals and others. This year, his audience included a number of dentists from outside the US who showed strong interest in his work.

    Dr. Eric Linden Appointed as Assistant Clinical Professor in Dental Medicine at Columbia University School of Dental Medicine and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

    Dr. Linden’s appointment is within the Section of Oral and Diagnostic Sciences, Division of Periodontics. He taught a course entitled “Lasers in Dentistry”. Over 50 doctors, Columbia faculty, periodontal residents, and dental hygienists attended. Dr. Linden will be continuing his teaching and research opportunities at Columbia University in the months ahead.
    Friday, September 21, 2012
    9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
    “Lasers in Dentistry”

    New York University College of Dentistry

    Monday June 4th, 2012
    “Advances in Laser Periodontal Surgery using a ND/YAG Laser”
    45 faculty and residents attended.

    St. Barnabas Hospital and Medical Center

    March 13th, 2012
    “Innovations in Laser Periodontal Surgery”
    Over 30 residents, doctors and staff attended.

    Greater New York Dental Meeting

    Laser Periodontal Surgery With The ND:YAG Laser” <–Click on title to hear audio of talk.
    Jacob Javitz Convention Center
    New York
    November 30th, 2011

    Pascack Valley Study Club

    Thursday March 31st, 2011
    “Laser Periodontal Surgery using the ND:YAG Laser”

    Earlier Lectures

    Breaking News

    Dr. Linden Presents at 2015 AAP International Meeting

    The Continuing Education Committee of the American Academy of Periodontology chose Dr. Eric Linden from a large pool of applicants to be a presenter in the Innovations in Periodontics Program at the AAP’s international meeting in Orlando, Florida on 11/17/2015. Dr. Linden’s presentation was entitled “Closed Flapless Approach in Treating Peri-Implantits/Mucositis utilizing Different Wavelength Lasers”.
    Dr. Eric Linden is one of five doctors selected to serve on the American Academy of Periodontology’s (AAP) “Oversight Committee on Peri-Implantitis” for 2014-15. The AAP has over 8,000 members world wide. This leadership position will have a significant impact on the world-wide standards for the treatment of failing implants and periodontal disease.

    Upcoming Lectures and Courses

    Academy of Laser Dentistry, Annual Meeting. April 14-16, 2016. Orlando, Florida. “Closed Flapless Approach in Treating Peri-Implantits/Mucositis utilizing Different Wavelength Lasers”

    Training Other Professionals

    Dr. Linden with Millenium Dental students

    Dr. Linden regularly visits Los Angeles, California where he teaches the principles of Laser physics, Laser Periodontal Surgery, and Practice Management to a group of esteemed dentists from Japan, Australia, and the US. (photo above) Continued…


    Laser Periodontics Bootcamp Buffalo


    Dr. Linden teaches residents and doctors from around the world who want to be certified to use laser technology. Dr. Linden was recently part of a team of doctors conducting the first laser certification training for dentists in Buffalo, New York. (photo above)


    LAPIP – “Laser Assisted Peri-implantitis Protocol”

    Failing dental implants are a common problem world-wide. No procedure has exhibited success with bone regeneration and reversal of bone loss around implants. Until now. Read more…

    State-of-the-Art Procedures

    Dr. Linden uses the latest and most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

    • Laser Periodontal Therapy (LANAP) and Laser Peri-Implantitis Protocol (LAPIP). Dr. Linden is an innovator and acknowledged expert in the use of these highly effective FDA cleared protocols.
    • DNA and HPV testing to help determine the state of patients’ periodontal health, as well as detect any possible genetic proclivity toward periodontal disease. This testing also checks for the HPV virus. The DNA sample is obtained by rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of the cheek. Analysis is conducted by Oral DNA Labs.
    • The world’s highest quality dental implants, manufactured by Nobel Biocare, BIOMET 3i, and NEOSS. Click here to see animated videos of various implant applications.
    • Digital x rays. This superior technology, using equipment from Dexis Diagnostic Imaging, offers numerous benefits to the patient, including reduced exposure to radiation, less waiting time, shorter appointments, involvement in co-diagnosis, and better understanding of treatment.
    • Enhanced Cosmetic Gum Preservation Therapy – new conservative and non invasive techniques to preserve and maintain an aesthetic smile.

    What is LANAP?

    LANAP is an acronym for “Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure”.

    Traditionally, moderate to advanced periodontitis, or gum disease, was treated with surgery involving cutting, stitching, and significant recovery time. This invasive approach was often painful, and was contraindicated for patients taking medications such as blood thinners, certain cardiac medications, and other systemic medications. Although traditional procedures have been successful, LANAP is

    • less invasive
    • more conservative
    • more predictable
    • state-of-the-art
    • not painful, with no cutting, stitching, or bleeding
    • superior to traditional techniques in promoting bone regeneration

    It should be made clear that LANAP does not emit ionizing radiation, as do x-rays. We have treated pregnant patients with lasers safely for many years without any issues. To make the point perfectly clear, we administer the laser treatment without any lead shielding, as there is no harmful radiation whatsoever.

    More about LANAP.

    LANAP/Laser Surgery Videos

    New Jersey TV NEWSChannel 12 recently taped a medical segment with Dr. Linden, including video of him performing LANAP on a live patient, and an interview discussing laser treatment, gum disease, and its systemic connections, causes, treatment, etc.

    LANAP/Laser Surgery Animation

    Healthy Mouth, Healthy You

    There are more bacteria living in your mouth than there are people living on earth. The video below
    illustrates on a microscopic level why good oral care can affect not only your mouth, but your overall health.


    Excellent video explaining the LANAP protocol and the benefits of laser periodontal surgery.

    Recent Periodontal News

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    January 20, 2016- Gingivitis and Probiotics: What You Need to Know Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/FastFeatures/gingivitis-probiotics/2016/01/20/id/710203/#ixzz3yYcQNW9I Urgent: Rate Obama on His Job Performance. Vote Here Now!
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    More Peridontal News

    Dr. Linden has been nothing short of miraculous in his care of my family.

    My family and I have been patients of Dr. Eric Linden for 30 years. During that time he has treated us for varying stages of gum disease, from simple to complex, routine checkups, and emergencies. He .....read more


    Dr. Linden is the best periodontist I have ever gone to.

    Dr. Linden is the best periodontist I have ever gone to. I was sent to him to confirm my dentist's evaluation that two teeth needed to be removed. Instead of pulling the teeth, Dr. Linden used laser t.....read more


    If you are a serious chicken when it comes to dental care this is the doctor for you!

    If you are a serious chicken when it comes to dental care this is the doctor for you! I learned that I had periodontal disease almost two years ago and I was advised that I needed surgery. When I.....read more


    I drive 140 miles each way to see Dr. Linden

    I was treated by Dr. Linden for a mild case of periodontal disease. I did not want to have the routine procedure of treating my gum disease by cutting the gums and damaging healthy tissue. I w.....read more



    Ask a Question
    Recent Q&A's :

    I have Periodontal disease with pockets ranging from 4mm to 9mm with most being 8mm to 6mm. The front upper 8 and 9 are in bad shape. One is loose. The worst pocket is 9mm with a lot of bone loss. There are a few teeth with recession. In the past, I had the old-fashioned “cutting the gums” on one side, and other procedures, but after that I was irregular in going to the dentist. So the pain and problems started. The pain stopped one week after recent scaling and my bite is normal again. My teeth are tighter.
    I have lost quite a lot of bone across my entire mouth - about 2/3 to 50 percent. What can I do to now fix the bone issue? Now most teeth are solid in the bone and nice-looking on the outside - no redness, bleeding etc. Ever since a deep scaling two weeks ago it’s MUCH improved. Even my front teeth are not as bad.
    I have a few decisions to make financially. My funds are limited. I cannot do both implants and LANAP at this time. If I lose my front teeth I want to be able to do bridges, but I’m hoping the laser with a bone treatment will prevent me from losing them. Here in Florida the price for laser is outrageous and I do not trust my local Periodontist. Should I wait and see, since in your blog you claim LANAP rebuilds bone. Can you explain how it does so? I was told by my new dentist it does not work. He had it done. Do you add something to help build the bones and can you explain?
    I am eating well, taking Calcium and Vitamin D, and doing all I can to get the disease under control. I have decent teeth and do not want to lose them. I also use a Waterpik and am taking care of my teeth. I’m going to try Calcium Therapy which is supposed to control the disease and strengthen teeth and bone.
    Can your office quote ball park prices if you get my x-rays and cat scan (if my dentist will release them) and recent scaling paper work for evaluation?

    I’m glad to hear that you’re taking a more proactive approach to your periodontal health, and that scaling has helped you. Your dentist is mistak Continue..

    Hi, I am super embarrassed about the condition of my mouth. So much so that I think it has reached a severe state. I have gum problems, broken teeth, and loose teeth. I am so, so embarrassed and dentists tend to further embarrass people. I know what I did wrong. I was homeless for a while and suffering from depression among other things. I need medicine and care. I am getting headaches from it now, I think. I’m wondering if this is the right place for me. I really need someone who isn't going to embarrass me further or even worse, not have the right experience to turn my situation around. Please advise.
    We can help you so don’t feel any embarrassment. The first thing for you to consider, is to call the office and discuss with our highly experienc Continue..

    I currently have some inflamed gums - three fronts in my lower arch. I have no bone loss. There appears to be one 6mm, one 5mm, and a 4mm. All my other teeth are 1, 2, 3, and a couple of fours. One dentist thought I had the beginning stages of gum disease (I assume he meant periodontitis.) He was shocked when he saw my mouth as I’m only 22. In one part in the front, the triangle part of my gum can be pulled away from my teeth. It’s no longer connected. This is where the 6mm pocket is. My teeth are also super crowded there, which may have played a part (although not sure), as i have two impacted wisdom teeth that i need to have pulled. Another dentist assures me that it’s not that big of a deal. He did scaling and root planing. One more quadrant remains to be done. He reassures me it’s not periodontitis, but I’m still scared. He says maybe it could have been due to hormones or something else. I know i have no bone loss but my gums have receded a bit and the fact that that piece is so loose on my teeth frankly scares me. Could this really just be gingivitis as I have no bone loss? If scaling and root planing doesn’t work as it should, what would be my other options? Will I need surgery? If so, what kind? I just want to make sure I start saving up money for the worst case scenario, as I’m a poor student, but this is way more important at the moment.
    I’m doing a lot of research and taking extremely good care of my mouth as I don’t want to lose my teeth :(.
    Any info will be appreciated.

    Periodontal disease can affect anyone at any age, so being only 22 doesn’t exempt you from it. As you may know from reading my website, I special Continue..

    I had LANAP surgery over a year ago, and the results are great except for around one molar where it didn't work. My periodontist wants to try traditional surgery, but I don't understand why it would work if LANAP didn't. Also, I have had 3 gum grafts and the recovery was horrible and slow, so she opted not to do the 4th one because of my abnormally slow healing. Should I get a 2nd opinion?
    It’s always wise to get a second opinion, especially if you’re feeling any uncertainty as to how to proceed. You are justified in questioning whe Continue..

    Good morning. I just left the dentist and have been told that I need connective tissue graft surgery. Is there a less invasive alternative – perhaps laser surgery - with shorter recovery time?
    It may be that a laser procedure such as LANAP would be an alternative to the proposed surgery, but to know for sure, I, or another qualified Per Continue..

    I have a root canal done and fitted with a porcelain crown on my UL (No. 14) molar. During a recent visit for routine cleaning, my dentist informed me that I have a 7mm pocket reduction and asked me to consult a Periodontist. Upon consultation, the Periodontist informed me that I would require flap surgery. Based on his assessment, it is the initial signs of Periodontal issues. I feel no pain at the present time. Would LANAP work better than flap surgery/sutures in this instance? Will this pocket issue affect my crown, which is only a year old? All other areas of my teeth are fine except No. 14, which has a 7mm pocket and bled slightly during a probe. Your thoughts and comments please.
    It may be that a laser procedure such as LANAP would obviate flap surgery, but to know for sure, I, or another qualified Periodontist, would need Continue..

    My tooth #15 has an 8mm gum pocket and a little bone loss. The tooth is solid in place. At age 78, do I need bone grafting?
    It depends on your clinical exam and X-rays. Your age is not a factor. You should consider laser alternatives if you qualify. Continue..

    Do I have to have Scaling and Root Planing if I am going to have LANAP?
    Unlikely. Generally, scaling and root planing are not done prior to full mouth LANAP.

    I have been recommended for dental surgery for receding gums. Can this be fixed with laser surgery?
    It depends on a number of clinical parameters. At the very least, the procedures can be used in conjunction with the correct laser. Continue..

    Hello. I feel so discouraged. I needed a gum graft on my lower left canine tooth and my braces came off. I went to a doctor here in Wichita Falls, Texas. He has done it three times and every time the stitches pull through and the graft slips. He said he will only try once more and has no idea why it is doing this. I have followed all directions and have been extremely careful. I don't want to lose my tooth. Should I go pay another $3,000 in Dallas and risk it not working again? Thank you for your time.
    Is the doctor who performed this procedure a Periodontist? If so...ask him whether, if he were to try once more, he would do anything differently Continue..

    Hello Eric, I am wondering if it is OK to have a cleaning slightly under the gum line at 5 months post-op from LANAP? I figured I should at least wait until 6 months. Would you please let me know how you feel on this?
    Thank you so much!

    Periodontal cleanings 5 months post-op LANAP are safe. We recommend keeping most of these cleanings “supra gingival “, that is, “above the gum”, Continue..

    Hi Dr Linden, I have recently had LANAP treatment. The second half of my mouth was completed 7 days ago. The first half went well. Healing fine. Looks great. The second half looks terrible. Unimaginable pain that is increasing daily. As of yesterday, I no longer can drink water of any temperature, and the mouthwash has begun to burn like acid. I am extremely worried that the mucous membranes won't heal if they are not hydrated. I returned to my periodontist yesterday and expressed my concerns. He said It looks OK, and would see me in 10 days. Do you feel I need a second opinion? It appears that all personal experiences on the internet are blocked unless featured by a dentist. So I have no one to compare my story to to see if this is normal.
    Yes. I would seek a 2nd opinion. Obviously I can't offer that without examining you, but I recommend that you check with another periodontist wi Continue..

    I started seeing a periodontist several months ago after being referred by my GP for severe periodontitis. The 1st thing done was periodontal probing and the results were with almost all 6-10mm pockets. The course of treatment was a gross debridement followed by scaling and root planing., I returned four weeks after treatment and the depths had improved some but not close to where they need to be. His next recommendation was to perform a full mouth LANAP in 2 sessions. So I went ahead and agreed. The upper and lower were completed about 3 weeks ago and the right is scheduled for next week.
    Since the initial pocket depths were so deep, should he have just recommended LANAP to start and not the scaling and root planing? I feel like he knew it wasn't going to work, but this was a way to get an extra $1,500 for the procedure. The hygienists were talking about the next step while one was doing the scaling and root planing. The other issue is that they scheduled what they call a therapeutic maintenance cleaning 2 weeks after scaling. When I asked them what this was they indicated it was a double check of their work to make sure they didn't miss anything. To me I shouldn't have had to pay for them to recheck their work.
    I feel that LANAP really involves a scaling and root planing as part of the procedure and knowing that there was no way that the initial scaling and root planing was going to resolve my issue, it should not have been done.
    I feel like I might be getting taken advantage of with unnecessary procedures.
    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

    You probably do need a second opinion, but I can’t ethically or accurately offer one online. I would have to examine you. Since you probably don’ Continue..

    Hello! I had gum grafting done two weeks ago on my 4 teeth on the lower right side. I thought that the grafts would be placed at the area of the teeth where my gums had receded so much but instead, my periodontist placed them at the base of my gums where they meet the cheek area. I have a long, deep "pocket" that runs the entire length of my gum area. Is this normal? Food is getting caught in the area constantly. Will this fill in? My periodontist sort of brushed over my question about it.

    Thank you!

    You need to have your periodontist take a look at the healing and evaluate the placement and quality of the gum tissue grafted and determine whet Continue..

    I have osteoporosis and recently had a lower molar removed. I still have a deep hole and visible bone, excruciating pain and a disgusting taste in my mouth. I also can't eat anything other than soft food. Should I be concerned?
    I’m afraid this is one of those questions that can’t responsibly be answered without an examination. I recommend that you visit the doctor who ex Continue..

    Can LANAP be performed on just a limited area (let's say just in the back, for instance) or is treating the whole mouth required?
    If the Periodontist calls it LANAP, it is by definition a full mouth protocol. If it is an “isolated” area of laser periodontal therapy, then it Continue..

    I had crown and bridge preps of my entire upper arch. I was told that my gum grows over my temporaries and has to be cut away to accommodate permanent crowns. I've never heard of this happening. How true is this and under what conditions would this happen? How worried should I be about resection and having a huge gap at the line?
    You would need to be evaluated by a Periodontist as to why the tissue is overgrown. If I were to perform that evaluation, I would also contact yo Continue..

    I have severe bone loss, but my periodontal disease is under control. Do you think it is ever safe for someone with severe bone loss to receive orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth which have drifted out of place over the course of periodontal disease, using either invisible lingual or traditional braces? Is it true that moving the teeth and bone causes bone to regenerate and thus helps keep the teeth stable in the long run?
    Before you have Orthodontic treatment, you would need to be evaluated by a Periodontist to evaluate the extent of Periodontal bone loss. This wou Continue..